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Information for Parents

Lincs2 is an on-line prospectus and contains the most up-to-date information about learning opportunities in North and North-East Lincolnshire.

The lincs2 website,, brings together schools, colleges and training providers across North and North-East Lincolnshire, providing a one-stop source of information about the range of qualifications, courses and opportunities locally.

The prospectus does not cost anything to use, but students need to register to be able to use the online planning and application functions.

Lincs2 has information about all the courses that are available in school sixth forms, colleges and training providers, including the new diplomas and apprenticeships. There is also information about careers choices, financial information, guides to qualification types, news and events.

As Lincs2 is a web-based system, the site can be looked at whenever there is an internet connection, for example at school, home, library or youth club.

It is also possible for courses or apprenticeships to be applied for online, allowing users to browse, decide and apply, all via the Lincs2 website.

Why has Lincs2 been developed?

  • To make impartial, high quality information readily available to everyone in North and North-East Lincolnshire.
  • To make the application process straightforward.

Getting Started

The course search will allow courses that are of interest to be found and dropped into the user's 'wish list'. The provider search allows users to find out more about the places offering the courses. The wish list can be put into an order of preferrence so that users can apply when they are ready.


Courses can be searched for without registering on Lincs2, but users must be registered to compile their wish list of courses and make applications.

To do this, users will need a username and password. They are then ready to complete the online application and apply for their chosen course(s). The application can be completed over a period of time, either in school, at home, or any other place where the website can be accessed.