About Lincs2

What is it?

The Lincs2 e-prospectus is a comprehensive one-stop source of information that lists and provides details of all the qualifications, courses and providers in North East Lincolnshire. It will help you find out what courses are on offer in your area and allow you to apply.

Planning Your Future Study or Training

You can use the course search to find courses that interest you and drop them into your wish list. You can use the provider search to find out more about the places that are offering them. You can give your wish list an order of preference so that you can apply when you are ready.

Who Is It For?

The on-line prospectus is for all learners who want to study or train in North East Lincolnshire either full-time or part-time. It is primarily for learners aged 14-19 but adults can also use it to find out about education and training opportunities. Lincs2 is also for parents and carers who want to be involved in supporting their children in making decisions about their future.

How do I use Lincs2?

Visit the Getting Started guide.