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Kelvin Jardin

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I’m Kelvin Jardin and I work as a PHP Web developer at Dataplan. I have always lived in either Grimsby or Cleethorpes and always wanted to do a degree.

After my GCSE’s at Tollbar I studied BTEC computing at Grimsby Institute due to my hobby for coding outside of school. This is why for me, choosing the degree subject of computing technologies was easy as I love coding and knew there is a growing demand for computer programmers around the country.

I really wanted to go to university so I could get a good job and so I could afford to live a nice lifestyle without ever worrying about money. I have always been passionate about coding and so I felt like computing technologies would be a degree that would interest me and would hopefully provide me with a secure job in the local area.

I chose to go to Grimsby Institute. With the money I saved through living at home while studying, my girlfriend and I travelled the world in our spare time and created several memories while doing so. I felt like I still had the gap year but didn’t fall a year behind studying. I feel like travelling combined with doing a degree has helped me mature in so many ways.

Months before completing my degree, I accepted a job offer as a PHP Web developer at Dataplan. When I heard the news that I had a graduate job I was ecstatic. It was much easier finding a graduate job in Grimsby than I had anticipated.

After working in the industry for a year I have recently bought a house; something that I never thought would have been possible only a year after graduating. Also after a year, I still feel as though I am learning constantly: an aspect of university that I definitely appreciated.

Overall I would recommend going to university, because it helps with finding employment afterwards and allowed myself to create memories whilst doing so. University was definitely an important part of my life and I don’t feel like I missed out from experiences whilst still living at home, because I filled the traditional student experiences with travelling around the world.

Kelvin Jardin

"When I heard the news that I had a graduate job I was ecstatic"



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