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Health, Support and Well Being

Health, Support and Well Being

Go to your student union for support on a range of issues including discrimination, sexual health, alcohol and drug use, mental health support, peer support and general health and wellbeing, disability support, learning support, and academic advice.

Many young people head off to university to take advantage of ‘the student experience’- making life-long friends, enjoying new found freedom and independence, going to modern bars and trying out new social clubs. Students do all this while taking care of their finances and studying hard for in their course, establishing themselves as successful adult.

A more realistic picture of university shows the reality of someone who may be juggling their course and a part-time job, trying to form positive relationships while staying away from the pressures of drugs and alcohol, finding their feet living away from home for the first time and learning to depend on themselves. Stress, uncertainty and anxiety is often made worse by the illusion that everyone else is getting on just fine.

Don’t let this put you off, university can be the perfect time to challenge yourself, and learn who you are and what you’re made of. It's best to go in with realistic expectations of what you may find during this time, good and bad, and be willing to learn the strategies and coping mechanisms to get the best out of what university has to offer.