Connor Hotson

So Can You

I have lived in Grimsby ever since I can remember. I went to Tollbar academy to do my GCSE’s and later went to Franklin to study Maths, Law, Physics and Graphics at A level.

I then completed my degree of Computing Technologies through Grimsby Institute as I’ve always wanted to do something more. I wanted to get into higher education. I didn’t look at other unis and wanted to go to Grimsby straight away as I had a full time job here already so it was convenient to study here; particularly because the Institutes library is open 24 hours.

I recently enrolled on a postgraduate master’s degree in Education at Grimsby Institute starting this September and found the new financial application process very simple.

I enjoyed university thoroughly. The self-study and adult sessions were much more mature at Grimsby Institute. I feel this mix of young and old students combined with my full-time job helped me mature and reach my highest potential. It was sometimes a struggle to study towards a degree and have a full time job, but I had the motivation and determination to succeed.

After completing my degree, I found work in Grimsby easily. With the support of my tutor we decided I needed to do something that suited my personality more than my previous dream of being a graphics designer such as pursuing a career in teaching due to my outgoing personality. I put myself out there towards the end of my degree by volunteering in the institute, spending a couple of days a week at workshop sessions and shadowing different lessons.

Because I volunteered over the summer of my final year, I got offered the position of programme leader for computing at Grimsby Institute in September last year. When I heard the news I was ecstatic. I knew it would be a lot of work- I had to do a PGCE teaching qualification at the same time but it was worth it.  

Alongside my enrolment onto my Master’s Postgraduate this September in Education, I have just started my personal development plan to be a curriculum manager. For this I have done an aspiring managers course at Grimsby, receiving a level 5 CMI management and leadership qualification. My future aspirations are to run the computer department within 2 years. 

I then plan on doing a PHD in education as part of my long term plan which is to be a principal before I am 35.

Overall I’m so glad I took my studies further, I found so many opportunities locally and feel that I have created a great life for myself.

Connor Hotson

"I had to do a PGCE teaching qualification at the same time but it was worth it."