Louise Thackwray

So Can You

My name is Louise and after graduating from Franklin and going to the University of Lincoln I started working for ABP Humber.

Straight from university, I actually started working for ABP in an administrative role for what became the world’s largest biomass handling facility.

I loved working with my colleagues and I was very interested in the business but I felt that I should pursue other career options.

In a moment of madness, I applied for a voluntary role in Devon, teaching forest school techniques to children. I lived on site in a yurt for eight weeks and had a brilliant time gaining experience of working with children whilst also learning some life skills (that hopefully I’ll never need to use!) but again, I didn’t have a career focus in mind.

I started working back with ABP as a Communications and Commercial Co-ordinator. The communications aspect really sparked my interest and thankfully, I was successful in the role. That was in May 2013 and having ventured through a number of different positions, I am now happily settled as the Communications Manager for the four major ports on the Humber.

No two days are the same! I can be doing anything from giving a port tour to a foreign delegation, interested in pursuing trade options to attending primary schools to talk about the careers we have on offer at ABP. I regularly speak to the local media and on occasion, National press. Our team keeps the country (and our employees) abreast of upcoming developments and projects that the company is investing in. I’m very rarely sat at my desk for more than a few hours a day.

It’s my job to tell the world about our company and to inform others about our pivotal part in the UK economy.

Previously, I had always had my mind set on becoming a teacher. I’d been told that this was a job for life and that I would find it a rewarding career. It wasn’t until I worked in marketing for the first time that I realised, there were so many more career options on offer that I felt I could pursue.

People often ask if it’s difficult to work as a woman in a male orientated industry and honestly, I wouldn’t know the difference! I’m not treated any differently, my male colleagues respect me for the work that I produce and I in turn, respect them. I think that different genders working together brings a great dynamic to the industry and I’ve never seen this to be an issue.

It’s been a common misconception that since the fishing industry decline in Grimsby, there’s been little on offer in the way of careers. People who believe this couldn’t be more wrong. In ABP alone, we offer careers in operations, marine, engineering, human resources, finance and property – as well as so many other departments.

Knowing that you can be making a difference to the town that you were brought up in and knowing that you can change the future of the area for the next generation is an extremely rewarding feeling.

Louise Thackwray

"It’s my job to tell the world about our company and to inform others about our pivotal part in the UK economy."