Support/Working with Job Centre +

Support/ Working with Jobcentre plus

Job Centre Plus can help employers in several ways to recruit and develop your employees.

Employer support for recruitment can be found online and through specialised employer services hotline  0800 169 0178


Work Trials are a way of trying out a potential employee before offering them a job. Once agreed with Job Centre Plus, you can offer a work trial if the job is for 16 hours or more a week and lasts at least 13 weeks. The work trial can last up to 30 days.


Work Experience can be given to 18-24 year olds and those over 25 with no work experience. The Employer Services Help line can help you organise this


Work Programme. Your local Work Programme provider can give you more information about employing a young person using the wage incentive. They can offer advice on the eligibility conditions and support to identify the right person.


Sector Based Work Academies provide sector-based training, work experience and a guaranteed job interview. They can help you fill your vacancies more effectively.