Adventure Travel Programmes

These are organised programmes which mix travel and adventures. The  programmes can be between 1 and 26  weeks long and incur a cost.



Provide placements of between 7 and 13 weeks to help communities in

Malaysia & Borneo





Provide placements for 1 to 12 weeks in many different fields including sport, Building projects, child care abroad, medical, conservation  and community projects. This company also facilitates paid work opportunities abroad.


offers working and volunteering opportunities in Arfica, Asia and North & South America



Group Gap year adventures  travel in groups rather than on your own


A portal for companies to advertise gap year options. All companies have to be a member of the Year out group.


Offers adventure placements and ideas for Gap year activities


Offers many different adventure placements


Useful websites

Government Foreign Travel Advice

STA Travel agency specialising in Students travel


Government Gap Year Travel advice


Year out Group