Young People

We want all young people to get the support they need to reach their learning potential and you will find information you may find useful, to help provide guidance for you and your child about decisions for their future.

Years 8/9 to 14 +

Careers Advisers from Young People’s Support Services (YPSS) will attend Education Health and Care Plan meetings from Year 8/9 onwards to offer support with their future plans. 

  • During Years 8 or 9 (age 13/14) depending on which school your child attends, they will choose their options to decide which subjects they will continue with.  This will be GCSE’s or alternative qualifications in addition to English, Math’s and Science.
  • During Year 11, they will decide how they would like to continue learning. Some of the options they may choose are: sixth form or college training, an apprenticeship, employment or supported employment
  • At age 18 + students may need advice about what to do next. Next steps could include; further training, employment, supported employment, apprenticeships or University.

If your child is planning to continue in education they will need to make a decision about their future plans by March of the year they will finish.

If you would like further help or support with these options, please use the YPSS Help with choices leaflet

Your child will have access to a Careers Adviser from YPSS who works within their school, to advise them about their next steps and give all the relevant information to help with future plans.  This support could include:

  • Information on further education courses
  • Applying for Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Advice on Supported Internships
  • Support with completing college and Job application forms
  • Information on Financial support and transport
  • Signposting to agencies to access additional support