One of the biggest fears of potential students and parents is debt but that doesn't put off 2.3 million students studying each year. Don’t let a student loan put you off exploring your options at Uni. Take advantage of the great experiences and fun times ahead.

It’s helpful to think about the loan as a contribution scheme

You are able to take care of your student fees and your living and leisure expenses while, in most cases, only paying back some of the cost before it is wiped out. To make your loan as manageable as possible you only start paying back a small portion of it when you start earning £25,000 a year. The website estimates the average starting salary for graduates is £19,000 - £22,000.  For more information visit

This short video shows you what kind of figures you would be looking at.

Still not sure? National Careers service offer one to one support with understanding loan applications. If you are 18 or older and claiming benefits you can meet with a National Careers Service advisor by appointment at Community Learning at the Skills Hub, 146 Freeman St., Grimsby, DN32 7AJ.