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Information about GCSE choices

In year 8/9 you will be choosing your GCSE options at school. It’s important to:

  • Research the subjects you are interested in by speaking to teachers and reading course options information
  • Look at how the course is assessed i.e. exam or coursework and think about what suits your learning style best

When making choices look at the subjects:

  • You enjoy and are good at
  • Which could link to a future career or a course you’d like to study after GCSE
  • You would like to study for 2 years or more

Try not to:

  • Choose the subject just because your friend is doing it
  • Choose the subject based on the teacher you have now, as that could change

Included is a list of the schools and colleges within a reasonable travelling distance of North East Lincolnshire, which will be admitting Year 10 students in September.

Please note this does not mean that you are required to move from your existing school.

If you have any questions please contact these organisations directly.



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