Searching for and Securing a Job

Whether you are looking for part-time, full-time or casual work, you will need to contact employers yourself and check vacancy websites.

You should:

  • Look at websites of companies that you would like to work for to see if they have any vacancies.
  • Write to companies that you would like to work for asking if they have any opportunities available.
  • Use your personal network - family, friends, neighbours, etc.
  • Make copies of your CV

Do some research - find out as much as you can about:

  • what the company does;
  • what the employer wants;
  • and what the job involves

Searching for a job isn’t easy and you will need to be:

  • Positive
  • Realistic
  • Organised
  • Persistent

Then work out how much your interests, abilities, experiences and achievements match this job.

Finding out about the types of jobs that people do, where these jobs are located and how many people are employed in different types of jobs is called Labour Market Information (LMI)

Remember when emailing or phoning:

  • Always end your email or phone call on a friendly and positive note
  • Do not use text speech
  • Always use a professional email address
  • Always thank people for their time